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Saturday, May 21, 2011

SPF: why and why not

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It is believed that foundations are applied to even-out or polish the totality of one's face. With colour correctors, concealers and all that newly marketed product in the beauty industry, achieving a genuine flawless skin is limitless. But when it comes to personal use as in when my own photos are taken, I like keeping my face as genuine as I have put the make-up on. NO Photoshops.... Just because.

In early April, I updated my personal kit in excitement for the long awaited summer. I started stashing make-up products that contain SPF as well as started shopping for SPF lotions (while the demand is still low hence still cheap! ha ha ha =)) SPF are generally created to protect the skin off sunburns which in extreme cases, causes cancer in the long run.

However as a make-up artist, I stay away from SPF in my professional kit. Reason being is that it SPF products flash white. They make you appear lighter in photos or in some cases, they make you white which doesn't please a lot of photographers and most of all, clients.

As an example, below is a "regular" photo I got tagged in from a friends birthday. Since this was at a bar, camera automatically had flash on.

Taken in late April, I came from work prior to attending this party. I was fortunate to bring my clothes along with my lipstick in my purse to get ready. My make-up then was literally from my morning "Spring make-up routine" (using a tinted moisturizer with SPF which made me appear a little lighter if you notice). Nonetheless, I can't complain about this "wrong foundation" worn for the night- I had fun that party! ;))

As far as photography is concern, I noticed that you can sometimes get away from appearing white with SPF if shooting outdoors. I have no other proper explanation to this using the right logic of photography but my assumption to this is that the sun is definitely much stronger than the flash! :P

Don't get me wrong. SPF is not bad. There is a reason why it is created and why it is still existing in the market. Abbreviated for Sun Protector Factor- it is clearly stated it has to do with the sun. The higher the number is, the more you are protected. Hence, not designed for indoor shooting or at night! :P

Below are products recommended that contain SPF:

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. I love the consistency of it and how it appears very natural on my face as if I'm not wearing any product. They last long on the face but be careful on your eye area, they sting. Also the same product I'm wearing on the photos above.

Other SPF products I love:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I love payoff and the coverage it gives me. Little goes a long way if you know how to blend ;) Remember, less is more! :)

Murad Oil  Control Mattifier SPF 15. I like to wear this alone in my lazy days and/or, top it off with a powder. Highly recommended product for the summer. Based on my observation, it reduced the oiliness in me hence, could eliminate making excuses of going to the bathroom for a re-touch. Great job, Dr. Murad!

On the side note, though SPF is not good for photography, it is still important to use them (when needed).

Hopefully, this video will serve as a reminder for all of us.

Have a Happy May two-four weekend and enjoy the sun while it last! ;)



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