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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jack Black: Industrial Strength Hand Healer

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A little bit before Christmas, I went visit Sephora in Buffalo and picked up couple of stuff in preparation for this winter. Industrial Strength Hand Healer with Vitamins A&E" caught my attention and bought it without a doubt. I'm a savvy shopper. I don't usually pick up items without reading its review but its name is just so promising to risk. Before crossing the border back to Canada, I started paying attention to this cream and have found out it's designed for men! Ohhhh dear. no wonder they smell a lil too strong! ha ha :)) Nonetheless, I find this product *working* and it stands for its name and perhaps worth my $15 for 3 oz. It is non greasy and super moisturizing perfect for this winter chill (of average -30C)! Love. Love. Love.

Week after or so, I had the chance to watch my favourite daytime show: Dr. Oz. He spoke about Speed Aging and what your hand can tell about you! Whoa, right? But before I point out tips from Dr Oz, let me share to you a lil childish story of mine:

Way back when I was 15, I consider 20+ years old as OLD! haha! But because I am now 24, I like to laugh about this silly idea =D Perhaps this person I am referring to was 20 at that time and had a hand that are looking like 40s! =| From then on, I had been sooooooo careful to how I care for my hand as I wanted to keep a healthy looking hand that can represent my age a little bit closer to its number!

Alright, moving on: Dr Oz suggests the following items to alternate with the traditional creams or lotions:

  • glycerin soap
  • sunflower oil soap
  • vegetable shortening
and my point is, regardless of where you get your hand cream from or whatever you do with your hands, ensure it's being taken care of! :)

Peace, Love & Blessings!


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