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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mela D Pigment Preview August 18th 2012


Hello, beautiful!

I hope your Tuesday's going well despite the rainy forecast (if you're in the GTA). Yesterday I wrote my thoughts about one of my holy grail products that helped reduce my hyper-pigmentation (AKA dark spots), Mela D Pigment Control serum (review here).

What I forgot to mention, Mela-D is not yet available in Canada until August 22nd! I know it's only 8 days away but for those of you who couldn't resist to see them in stores, Shoppers Drug Mart, Woodside Square's hosting a preview of La Roche-Posay's Mela D! How exciting is that?!

August 18,2012
Shopper's Drug Mart 
Woodside Square
1571 Sandhurst Circle, Toronto M1V 1V2 

What to expect on this preview:

  • The chance to try Mela-D Pigment Control Serum
  • A free skin consultation that will uncover the full impact the sun can have on skin, including dark spots that aren't visible to the naked eye using a UV Skin Scope and video microscope
  • 1-on-1 beauty advice from La Roche-Posay experts and Beauty Advisors
  • Exclusive Shoppers Drug Mart promotions (don't forget your Optimum Card!!)
  • Receive 4000 Shoppers Optimum points with the purchase of Mela-D
  • Buy 2 LRP products and receive a free Anthelios XL body sunscreen cream

Why should you go on this preview?
I heard the next preview's in Burnaby (BC!) so this the only chance to see it in GTA early!! :)

I'd like to let you know that this product is not intended for women who does not inhibit the signs of skin pigmentation disorder. If by any chance you do not have any pigmentation but know someone who might be interested in this product or simply just want to check it out (to be ahead of everybody in the beautysphere) you're more than welcome to check it out! :)

I think I'll be talking about Mela D for quite sometime. I love the paraben free idea of La Roche-Posay for Mela D and it works! In fact, I don't do much concealing anymore. Woo hoo! I hope you can join the talk with me! :)


***EDITED: BC preview's the day in Toronto. Tomorrow is your only chance to see it early! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

La Roche-Posay Mela D Pigment Control Review


As I prepare for the biggest day of my life, I couldn't stop fidgeting preparing my skin to achieve its maximum flawlessness as it can get. My top priority is hyper-pigmentation because I wanted to stay away from too much concealing (if I could) assuming make-up would irritate me being toasted under 40+ degrees C on my wedding day in the Philippines. My hyper-pigmention is quite mild and I'm not keen on really getting them done in esthetic spas believing it could be treated by over-the-counter glycolic treatments.

Without doubt, I went ahead and test drived La Roche-Posay's Mela D Pigment Control  with hopes to help me even-out my skin tone in the convenience of my own vanity room.


  • Concentrated dark-spot correcting serum that visibly corrects dark spots, evens skin tone & boosts skin radiance 

  • Kojic Acid to reduce dark spots 
  • LHA (Lipo-Hydroxy-Acid) and Glycolic Acid to shed dark cells from skin surface and increase radiance 
  • La Roche-Posay Dermobiotic extract to calm the skin

I have two hyper-pigmentation areas of concern: around the mouth (typical for Asians according to my make-up instructor derma explanation) and on the side, at the bridge of my nose from over doing microdermabrasion sometime long back I went heavy handed learning how to use my PMD

I went ahead and test drived Mela D pigment control straight for 7 days and noticed my areas of concern lighten up a little bit specially that mini spot at the bridge of my nose. Below are my morning photos for my first 5 days using Mela D.

It's hard to talk about my hyper-pigmentation around the mouth because they're more prominent than my dark on the bridge of my nose. But now that I'm on my second week, I'll say there's definitely an improvement evening out my skin tone overall.

So does it work? Yes! And I also think that progress depend on how dark you're correcting from your skin-tone. One thing about Mela-D though is you have to be patient. I didn't notice much difference overnight until 3rd day- though not much, but slowly the dark spot's going away. Also, with hydroxy acid in Mela-D, it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so you need to invest in SPF facial lotions (I like Coppertone Oil-Free facial lotion, SPF 60) and of course, what a better way to prevent the from sun by wearing hats to add in your outfit 

By the way, I think dark spot at the bridge of my nose is topical only. This boo-boo didn't go through the deepest layers of my skin much as I'm having trouble working around the mouth. Possibly because I shave my stache more than getting them waxed so more hair pigments are left in there. Nonetheless, I don't mix in colour correctors much as I used to anymore so yes it works! 

  • locally available- Shopper's DrugMart
  • packaged with droplets which makes product dispense hygienic and you can control how much you're using (I use 2 drops only and liberately apply it on my face avoiding eyes, lips & nostrils)

  • pungent smell- in between plastic, rubber and leather. Hard to tell what it is but boy they stink!  
  • could leave a stingy feel (but mine's only within first few minutes after applying it)

  • consult your physician if you have sensitive or irritable skin or have any type of skin diseases
  • not to use the same time or within 24 hours of using exfoliating products, dermabrasions or treatments containing retinoic acid, phenol, or salicyc acid (if you have oily skin, beware! products made for oily skin mostly contain of salicyc acid so read your labels)
  • one day maximum use; recommended use at night
  • cannot undergo artificial tanning while using or atelast within 7 days following the last treatment

Despite the scent, I think Mela D deserves the price tag of $50 versus squeezing in spa appointments in your busy schedule, yes?

Have you considered over-the counter skin brighteners? What have you been using and what do you like about them?

This product is sent to me by a PR company for editorial purposes. Honest and truthful opinion.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Wen Cleansing Conditioner


Now that my hair is recovering from damages I made from excessive salon visits, *evil laughs* I've been soooooooo careful with products that goes to my hair. Last time, I shared to you guys the shampoo I alternate with my other drugstore shampoos *click here to see it* and now let's get to my conditioner.

Wen By Chaz Dean, Sweet Almond Mint Hair Cleansing Conditioner

click to enlarge
Just like my current favourite shampoo, this Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is also sulfate-free. Meaning, it doesn't create much lather and definitely does not contain cheap ingredients that may cause hair fall. Created by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, I love how this condtioner makes my hair feel sooooooo soft like an Asian hair I never had! 

click to enlarge
As the manufacturer suggests, I should be using 4-5 pumps PER SECTION. whoaw! Considering my hair is already wet prior to applying this conditioner, "water residue" in my hair is definitely dissolving the conditioner already. I noticed an excessive dripping; wasting all the products by using more than what is recommended.  With my medium length hair, I find 4-5 pumps enough to cover my full head already. Well I guess using how much product to apply can be very subjective after all.

To give you an idea, this is how much one pump is. They're about 1 inch by .05" in real life
and yes, you are so free to read my palm!  

click to enlarge
You may or you may not be so attentive to ingredients but just so you know, the packaging states that this is Sulfate free which I already mentioned in the beginning. And oh, only the first 3 ingredients listed  are usually the main component of a product but you're so free to Google what each one of them does. :)

as per Chaz' tips and the packaging itself

  • Soak your hair thoroughly with cool, not hot water to loosen up dirt and other product's residues and ensure hair is completely saturated with water
  • Dispense proper amount of Cleansing conditioner into your hands and rub it together.
  • Apply on your scalp and massage your head vigourously.
  • Leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse as usual.


    US & Canada only

    • sulfate-free. Read your detergent soaps used for your laundry, yes that's sulfate!  
    • packaging comes in a pump- it makes it convenient to estimate how much you product you want to dispense
    • reasonable price. I think $33 is reasonable considering it comes with a hair masks, styling creme and free other extras. If you're little experimental like me, I'm sure you've also spent more than $33 for one little shampoo without an assurance of getting a free gift in store. hee hee!  
    • Scent. There's nothing bad I can talk about mint- in fact I love brushing my teeth! ha ha! Mint with chocolate might not be a good mix in my taste but mint with sweet almond is an acceptable one. Don't worry, you won't smell like a toothpaste, guaranteed! *evil laughs*

    • Availability- online only. I understand how some people prefers to do their transactions on cash or debit card basis only and I also understand how some consumer like immediate gratification - that is, touching, feeling, seeing the product in person in stores.
    • Ships in US & Canada only. The fact that they sell this online, I think they should open their market worldwide, too! :) Let's say, I know a couple of people outside US/Canada who might like Wen and I don't want to tab it all in my card! ha ha ha! *I'm just kidding you know!*

    PASSED! It made my hair feel soft and I like the fact that I feel confident because my hair is cooperating with my day! *flips hair* Yes girl, the only person can help you boost your confidence is claiming it! woo hoo!

    If you're interested for more picture results, I included them in my Christmas Advent which you can view *click here.* Yes, definitely thanking God my hair's got literally born again! The old is gone, the new has come! And now, I feel good and satisfied with my hair texture ;) I just wish I can meet Chaz Dean one day too, you know! Whose hair doesn't want to be touched by a celebrity stylist, right?

    Anyway, what's one conditioner that works for you? One of mine's Wen Hair Care. What's your story?

    Let's chat!

    DISCLAIMER: Products were sent by the company for editorial purposes only.

    Sulfate Free Shampoo!


    If you know me personally, or have met me in the past 8 years, you know that I've been very experimental with my hair. From virgin Asian jet-black, I ventured out to having small highlights, to thicker highlights, then going blonde, to red with strawberry blonde peek-a-boos. Not to mention, I also had Japanese hair straightening treatment and got it permed to tight curls afterwards.  I know; tell me about it! I even had moments travelling from mainland China to Macau where I got asked for 3 more ID's because I looked different in my passport with all my other documents, ha ha!   For the frst time again, I opted to settled back to black hair because I was afraid that my grandma won't recognize me in the Philippines (2006) with my chemical fried hair. I kept it plain black until late October of this year because our hair sometimes needs a little flavour


    taken September 2011

     NOW: (blonde peek-a-boos along with my natural hair colour   )
    By the way, this photo was obtained via "Creative Auto" on T3i. I love how vivid colours are!

    Of course, I wouldn't dare to fry a piece of my hair again if not for the new collection in my shower:

    WEN By Chaz Dean: 
    Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner & 
    Re-Moist Intense Hair Treatment

    I have been using Wen for over a month now and all I can say is WHOA!  It pampered my hair like no other: made it feel so soft, made it look so silky and shiny and hell, it once again made me feel like a woman with flawless hair in the TV commercial. Well that's just how I feel, no violent reactions there please!  *laughs*

    Look at my hair ends!

    Sidenotes: those imperfection on my cheeks are not what I mean "clearing up my skin" post here.
    Clearing up my skin is clearing up my white unknown pimples. Please don't get them confused with my other imperfections  

    Watch my roots:

    Like it?

    Product review, *click here!* :)

    Forever grateful for 2011,

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    #20: PMD Follow up


    Few months back, I wrote a review of a beauty product HERE which I truly believe that boost my confidence with increments of 300 times with the power of 5 times 381 percent. Well, maybe you won't do the math and I discourage you to take your calculator because I haven't come up with an answer yet ha ha!  but I hope you get the point- I cleared my unknown "white pimple" that's been a concern to me for the longest time.

    click to enlarge
    As we speak, my skin is still not perfect but atleast those annoying white bumps are gone 'ya know! Well, okay perhaps I'm trying to justify my spending on Personal Micro-Dermabrasion machine which is probably one of most expensive inventions I invested in my personal beauty paraphernalia. But that's not the point. There are other ways to beautify ourselves without hurting our pockets:

    water, sleep and a good laugh!

    Now that's priceless!

    I hope you're spending wisely this holidays! 

    Forever grateful for 2011 and always,

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    #21: Behind the scenes, MMK Canada


    Disclaimer: I'm probably not following my Christmas advent schedule but here's one thing, I'll get 25 of them before New Years! ;P

    Maala-ala Mo Kaya, known as MMK, a popular drama show in the Philippines came to Canada beginning of November to film an episode in honour of a Filipino "hero" named, Juana Tejada. Juana, played by Maricar Reyes as Janice, is a Filipino caregiver who fought her rights to stay in Canada (as an immigrant) soon after she found out that she has cancer.

    On set: Maricar Reyes (Janice) hugging her BFF, Dimples Romana (Delia) on "Christmas eve". A premonition.

    When I got a call from Shantel, ilikegrass1 AKA ILG about this gig, I immediately accepted the opportunity to work in this episode. It took me about 3 days to study the script: researching about the cancer involved in the story,  creating character analysis and above all, making sure I understand the tenses in Tagalog, which of course is important specially when you're dealing with character make-up.

    If you're not familiar with the show, MMK is a showcase of true-to-life stories of people who wrote their inspiring, life-changing stories to the lady host, Charo. The "stories" are re-enacted by top actors in the Philippines which makes the show even more enticing. I was hoping meet Charo too but only the main casts (Maricar, Dimples, Tom) with directors and cameraman came to Toronto. On the side note, Patrick deGuzman, who played as Delia's husband is a Philippine actor who is now based in Toronto.

    at a Scarborough neighbourhood with Shantel and Maricar Reyes who starred in the movie as Janice.

    It was a super hectic 3 day shoot. Day 1 was filmed at Earl Bales Park at 6AM with unanticipated cold weather of 1 degree celcius. It was a great day welcoming these visitors with Canada's freezing weather. I love how Dimples said, it is harder to cry on set in Canada as she feel that her tears are not coming out of her eye because they were frozen! ha ha ha  Despite them ranting about the freezing weather, they were also looking forward to the snow in the fall- something they don't experience in the Philippines but, unfortunately, that wish did not happen because that week was a mixture of rain and fluctuating temperature.

    with Dimples, Delia on this episode.

    with the funnest Director to work with evarrr!! Dado Lumibao.

    L-R: Tom Rodriguez (Noli- Janice's husband), Shantel, Patrick DeGuzman (Delia's husband)
    and one of the extras.
    cameraman, Erwin reviewing one of Maricar's scenes.
    with Tom & Maricar and my super soaked Uggs! How nice!  

    getting ready to move to another location after filming here for less than half an hour!

    with assistant director, Lindsay.
    I bow to this woman's energy after filming for almost 48 straight hours! 
    Dimples briefing extras on their lines and expressions here.

    snapshot from Day 2. Craziest day evarrr!!

    From Earl Bales Park to filming at 3 apartments, a restaurant, a salon, a thrift store, Niagara falls, offices, hospital and more street scenes, that weekend was definitely the longest weekend of my entire life but, probably the most fun gig I've ever attended this year. Not only that I made friends from cool people in the Philippines, but, definitely learned that there are sooooooooo many un-discovered local actors here in Toronto, too! Kudos!

    You can access a trailer of this movie here from the official Maala-ala Mo Kaya's Facebook page and here. Too bad, they're not embed-able on blogger!

    *EDITED: They finally uploaded the video on YouTube. Here it is for your pleasure:

    Have you ever watched live movie tapings or perhaps ever extra'd at a movie? How was it?

    I extra'd at one point portraying the child which Dimples Romana is taking care of. It was shot from an uber wide screen except, it got deleted when they found real kids on day 3! LOL

    Forever grateful for 2011 and always,